Upcoming Exhibitions:

Fabio Bianko, Theatre, oil and gold leaf on canvas cm. 50×60 2014


10/2015 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm

Meet us at Affordable Art Stockholm 30.9- 4.10.2015

Our booth is E13

Katja Tukiainen, The waves had taken me far as shit when he came from nowhere. Next I had my arms around his sixpack. Yeah baby!, oil on canvas, 100 x 100, 2015



  • Katja Tukiainen
  • Venla Martikainen
  • Fabio Bianco
  • Riitta Kuisma
  • Gobotoru

To get the invitation card, please, contact us.







Past Exhibitions:


01- 04/2015 Group Exhibition/ Ekaterina Chekalina, Viktor Sirenko, Senja Vellonen, Outi Pienimäki,Melek Mazici, Charlotta Boucht, Hannu Palosuo

12/2014 Christmas Exhibition

10-11/2014 Savi Sublime

08-09/2014 Irina Dudina 

01/2014 Art Therapy Course : “Colors and Emotions” 1/6

09/2013 Art Helsinki

06/2012 Marina Fedorova

04/2012 Kristine Luize Avotina

03/2012 Janis Purcens

11/2011 Marina Fedorova “Dancing in the Waves”

09/2011 Gabriela von Girs “The Game of Life”

09/2011 ArtHelsinki 2011

08/2011 Artemi Troitski’s Private Collection

08/2011 Venice Reflected in Contemporary Waves

7-10.7.2011 at Billnäs

05/2011 Petteri Luoto – Exhibition

03/2010 Tiina Pesonen, Helsinki – Exhibition

03/2010 Gallery Kadieff at Wanha Satama.

12/2010 Maria Fedorova, Ekaterina Chekalina

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