1970 Born in Lipezk, Russia

1992 Graduated from Graphical and Fine Arts Department of Tashkent 
Pedagogical University, Uzbekistan


2001 Central House of Artists (personal exhibition), Moscow; 2002-2007 Manezh, Moscow; 2002-2009 Art Projects with Gallery Lavrushin and Shevelev Gallery; 2005 Manezh, St.Petersburg; 2006 Gallery Guildy of Masters, St.Petersburg; 2006 Gallery of Arts “House of Shalapin”, St.Petersburg; 2007 Exhibition tour Berlin-London-Paris-Brussel-Geneve; 2007 Monaco; 2008 Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki; 2009 Gallery Kadieff, Billnäs; 2010 Art Fear, Marbella, Spain